We are a full service glass shop in Knoxville. Services include fabrication and installation for Glass Showers, Mirrors, Glass Railings, and Glass Furniture Tops.

Safety Glass

Creative Reflections offers several Safety Glass types.

With enough force, glass is a breakable material, which when broken into smaller sharp pieces commonly called shards can cause serious injury. Safety glazing material, usually tempered glass, laminated glass, or Plexiglas can reduce the risk of injury.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is used in many applications because of its safety characteristics. The tempering process increases the strength of the glass and when broken shatters into small pebble size pieces compared to that of untempered glass which breaks into shards.

Tempered glass is used in the following applications:

• Shelves

• Fireplace Screens

• Refrigerators

• Shower Doors

• Storm & Entry Doors

• Patio Doors

• Oven Doors

• Furniture Tops

• Stairway Balustrades

• Windows

Plexiglass & Lexan (Acrylic)

Undeniably Plexiglas and Lexan are becoming more popular everyday with a wide range of uses. Creative Reflections offers full sheets or can cut to size, pattern, or shape. Plexi and Lexan are available in many colors and thicknesses starting with 1/8″. We stock Clear 1/8″ and 1/4″ Plexiglas. Any Plexi or Lexan product can be ordered and received within 2-3 business days. Any glass can be delivered. Creative Reflections offers Plexi and Lexan specialty products for protecting art work or posters such as UV Blocking, UV Non Glare, and Scratch Free.

Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated glass can reduce the risk of serious injury. This is accomplished by utilizing tempered glass and adhesion to an inner plastic layer. The plastic film holds the glass in place when the glass breaks, helping to lessen injuries from flying glass. The film also can stretch, yet the glass still sticks to it. It is also quite difficult to penetrate laminated safety glass, compared to normal window pane glass.

Laminated glass is often used in automobile (windshield) glass, but those same safety standards used on the road, can be implemented in one’s home for added safety. Have small children or pets at home? A glass table top made from laminated glass for example, will be a clear choice to avoid flying shards of glass in the event of breakage. It is also used in a wide variety of instances such as skylights, public art exhibits, machinery, store fronts, and balconies.

By default, Laminated Glass comes 1/4″ thick, due to its greater strength at that thickness. Laminated Glass comes in clear glass or tinted glass, with seamed or flat-polished edges. Order your custom-cut laminated glass by contacting us today.

Creative Reflections can assist General Contractors, Interior Designers or Business Owners with design and installation of the follow commercial glass options:

• Sneeze Guards

• Mirrored Walls

• Restaurant Booth Dividers

• Retail Shelving

• Large Bathroom Mirrors

• Display Cases

• Glass Partition Walls

Safety Glass December 23, 2019