We are a full service glass shop serving Knoxville and surrounding areas. Services include fabrication and installation for Glass Shower Doors, Glass Mirrors, and Window Glass.

Services & Products

Creative Reflections offers a variety of custom in-shop glass services to all of our customers to enhance your mirror or glass projects.


• Glass and Mirror cutting• Beveling• Delivery
• Machine Edge Polishing• Hole Drilling• Installation
• Tempering• Plate Grooving

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Creative Reflections, can fabricate many shapes and patterns and recommend suitable glass thickness for your particular use. In addition, we can also provide professional advice on the best type of edge finish for your glass application. Glass colors are endless with the availability of back painted glass which can be color matched to Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore colors to achieve a unique custom look. Just to name a few available glass options:


• Clear• Bronze, Grey or Blue Tint• Bronze or Grey Tint Mirror
• Ultra Clear (Low Iron)• Specialty Patterns• Backpainted
• Frosted• Antique Mirror

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Creative Reflections uses a collaborative design process to work with our clients through conception to completion. The collaborative design process starts with the home owner, interior designer, contractor, architect, or business contacting us with an idea. Through a series of scheduled consultations, site visits, and proposals, Creative Reflections will work with our clients to develop a custom design to their specifications. Our goal is to provide every client with an exceptional experience resulting in a stylish and functional glass display. We know how important design is to the overall image of a space and are happy to assist our clients with the following glass design projects:

• Glass Shower Doors• Partition Walls• Glass Shelving
• Glass Railings• Back Painted Glass• Display Cases
• Glass Counter Tops• Sneeze Guards


At Creative Reflections, we can help bring your overall bathroom concept to life. We offer custom or stock size glass shower doors, as well as, glass shower doors to compliment tub inserts. There are many glass and hardware options for shower doors and we can provide professional advice on available hardware, glass colors, and patterns.
We know how important design is to the overall image of your bathroom and are happy to assist our clients on any size project. At Creative Reflections, we can design your overall bathroom idea to include your glass shower, glass mirrors, glass counter, and glass vanity. We specialize in designing unique custom projects, and will help you achieve the look you want.

Glass Railings

At Creative Reflections, we can design a custom glass railing for your space. All of our Glass Railing systems comply with building regulations and our glass is toughened to the strictest standards. We offer a variety of metal support options to create the exact look you are trying to achieve.

Glass Railing are attractive surrounds and can be used as a guard railing for a deck or balcony, a hand railing for a staircase or landing, or a unique fence option for a pool. Creative Reflections is excited to offer Glass Railings that will not obstruct or block, but instead enhance our clients’ gorgeous views of East Tennessee or create an open look for an interior. Our tailor made systems maximize your property’s potential, while creating a luxurious feel and opening up a space to add value and style without compromising your design or view. Unlike regular railing systems that use balusters or spindles which close in a space and create viewing obstacles while sitting on your deck, a Glass Railing system uses sheets of glass with minimal structure to provide an optimal viewing environment.

Glass Counter Tops

Looking for something sleek to add to your bar area, bathroom vanity or kitchen counter?

Glass Counter Tops are fully customizable by choosing from a wide range of colors, textures, and thicknesses starting with 3/4″. We are able to install one continuous piece Glass Counter Top up to 110″ long. Contact us to discuss colors, textures, or thicknesses.
Glass Counter Tops can be fabricated from typical plate glass or there are options for recycled glass-by-products which creates a one of a kind piece of art. We suggest a minimum of 1-1/4″ thickness for recycled Glass Counter Tops. If you are looking for recycled glass products contact us to discuss your project.

Partition Walls

Glass Partition Walls are interior walls made from glass with the purpose of dividing or enclosing rooms. Using Glass Partition Walls add a sophisticated feel to any interior area. Glass Partition Walls can go from floor to ceiling to enclose an area or can extend upwards atop a knee or half wall. Glass types can be clear to provide the feeling of a more open space. Or the glass can be frosted or consist of a specialty pattern to provide an artistic touch. Glass Partition Walls can divide or enclose commercial offices, conferences rooms, and reception areas.
Creative Reflection offers demountable Glass Partition Walls for those who want to reorganize their walls within a work place space. However, we do not recommend moving demountable walls without the guidance and expertise of a glazing company.

Back Painted Glass

Creative Reflections offers a truly custom glass option with the use of Back Painted Glass. Back Painted Glass comes in sheets, tiles, or can be custom cut. Back Painted Glass can be used in many glass applications including: furniture glass, glass shelving, cabinet doors, backsplashes, bathroom tile, or full glass walls. The use of Back Painted Glass adds a shine to the overall look of your project. At Creative Reflections, we can color match back painted glass, making the color options endless.
Our team is happy to get the opportunity to take a look at the project and vision that you have in mind, whether it be a custom painted glass countertop, a floor to ceiling standing mirror, or a glass enclosure for your tile shower, we can help make your vision a reality.

Decorative Mirror Framing

Custom Mirror Framing offers endless customizable options while choosing from the many styles we offer. Creative Reflections offers countless framing styles, colors, and widths for your unique mirror concept.
Mirrors are a great addition to any space and can have a significant impact on the look of a living room, bathroom, hallway, studio, or even above a table. Our staff can help you find a mirror to add function and style to your design plan. Our mirror products are available in many different styles and can be cut to almost any shape and size. We provide professional advice on custom framing, edge work, styles, colors, thickness, and commercial applications.

Mirror Walls

Creative Reflections stocks large sheets of mirror, which are perfect for mirror wall applications. Mirror Walls are a perfect addition to any gym, dance studio, home, or commercial space. Mirror walls allowing for full length viewing of all activities in a gym or dance studio. Mirror walls also can add a unique decorative touch to a dining room, bar area, or dressing room.

Antique Mirror Glass

Have an antique mirror frame in the garage or attic? Consider having antique mirror glass cut to size and installed for an authentic antique mirror look.
Creative Reflections, offers several different styles of antique mirror glass to select from. Antique mirror glass provides an immediate classic vintage look in cabinet doors, back splashes, frames, covering a wall, or framed above a fireplace.

Furniture Glass

Furniture glass tops provide a protective and stylish surface for home or office furniture.
Consider adding a glass top to furniture pieces, such as:

• Hobby Desk• Conference Tables• Workstations
• Dining Room Tables• End Tables• Display Cases
• Credenzas• Coffee Tables• Vanities
• Decorative Trunks

Adding glass to the top of your furniture provides protection from daily use. A glass top will keep the original look of your furniture and reflects the natural light to enhance the beauty of your original look of your furniture and reflects the natural light to enhance the beauty of your furnishings. Glass tops are sanitary and easy to clean.


Creative Reflections specializes in fabrication and installation of custom glass shelving. We can replace broken and chipped shelving, or create all new glass shelving units compatible with many unique hardware options. Glass shelf thicknesses vary depending on intent, and glass shelves can be tempered for added strength and safety if required.

Some suggested uses for glass shelving:


• Bar area shelves• Kitchen cabinet shelves• Retail displays shelves
• Bathroom shelves• Book shelves
• Wall mounted glass shelves• Audio or video cabinet shelves


Glass type options for shelves:


• Clear• Bronze tint• Mirror
• Ultra clear• Grey (Smoke)• Antique Mirror
• Frosted• Back Painted• Plexiglas
• Safety Laminated

Decorative Glass

With an assortment of patterned art glass to choose from, we can offer various levels of obscurity to ensure your project has the perfect combination of function and style.
Pattern glass, most commonly used in cabinet doors and lighting fixtures (interior & exterior) can be tempered or laminated for safety.
Looking for a specific pattern or something entirely different? Contact us or stop by our showroom. We can help you find the perfect glass to compliment your project.

Creative Reflections offers several Safety Glass types.

With enough force, glass is a breakable material, which when broken into smaller sharp pieces commonly called shards can cause serious injury. Safety glazing material, usually tempered glass, laminated glass, or Plexiglas can reduce the risk of injury.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is used in many applications because of its safety characteristics. The tempering process increases the strength of the glass and when broken shatters into small pebble size pieces compared to that of untempered glass which breaks into shards.
Tempered glass is used in the following applications:

• Shelves• Fireplace Screens• Refrigerators
• Shower Doors• Storm & Entry Doors• Patio Doors
• Oven Doors• Furniture Tops• Stairway Balustrades
• Windows

Plexiglass & Lexan (Acrylic)

Undeniably Plexiglas and Lexan are becoming more popular everyday with a wide range of uses. Creative Reflections offers full sheets or can cut to size, pattern, or shape. Plexi and Lexan are available in many colors and thicknesses starting with 1/8″. We stock Clear 1/8″ and 1/4″ Plexiglas. Any Plexi or Lexan product can be ordered and received within 2-3 business days. Any glass can be delivered. Creative Reflections offers Plexi and Lexan specialty products for protecting art work or posters such as UV Blocking, UV Non Glare, and Scratch Free.

Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated glass can reduce the risk of serious injury. This is accomplished by utilizing tempered glass and adhesion to an inner plastic layer. The plastic film holds the glass in place when the glass breaks, helping to lessen injuries from flying glass. The film also can stretch, yet the glass still sticks to it. It is also quite difficult to penetrate laminated safety glass, compared to normal window pane glass.
Laminated glass is often used in automobile (windshield) glass, but those same safety standards used on the road, can be implemented in one’s home for added safety. Have small children or pets at home? A glass table top made from laminated glass for example, will be a clear choice to avoid flying shards of glass in the event of breakage. It is also used in a wide variety of instances such as skylights, public art exhibits, machinery, store fronts, and balconies.
By default, Laminated Glass comes 1/4″ thick, due to its greater strength at that thickness. Laminated Glass comes in clear glass or tinted glass, with seamed or flat-polished edges. Order your custom-cut laminated glass by contacting us today.
Creative Reflections can assist General Contractors, Interior Designers or Business Owners with design and installation of the follow commercial glass options:

• Sneeze Guards• Mirrored Walls• Restaurant Booth Dividers
• Retail Shelving• Large Bathroom Mirrors
• Display Cases• Glass Partition Walls